Key Features of Geek Superhero
Here are the reasons why you want Geek Superhero working to protect your computer from Internet Scoundrels.

Browser and Desktop Protection
Ever installed a new piece of software only to find lots of unwanted shortcuts on your desktop, unwanted favorites in your browser, a different browser homepage, or unwanted icons on your quick launch toolbar? (Or all of these?)
Not any more!
Geek Superhero let's YOU decide whether you want new icons or favorites added to your computer.

Ever had a program add itself to start when Windows starts without asking? Or add and re-add itself to start when Windows every time you run it?
Not any more!
Geek Superhero let's YOU decide whether you want something to run when Windows starts. Click the picture to see it in action

Protects Important Settings
Hopefully you've never had a Virus or Trojan that changes all kinds of settings on your computer to make your web searches go to somewhere else or to spy on you or make your modem dial an expensive long-distance number or worse!
Geek Superhero can help!
Geek Superhero watches for many different things that Viruses and Trojans and other Scoundrels will change on your computer. There are dozens and dozens of important settings that Geek Superhero watches for changes.

Phishing Net
You've probably gotten emails pretending to be from some company, asking you to go and give out your login or credit card info. These Phishing Scams are getting more and more sneaky and hard to identify. Phishing Net protects you from those Phishing Scams by alerting you if you are about to visit a suspicous website!

More Info and some examples of how tricky these scams can be.

See It In Action
Geek Superhero is a program that's harder to see in action. With a download manager (like GetRight) you can download a file and see it work. Geek Superhero is more like a virus scanner--where it's hard to really see it work until the virus scanner pops up and says "Hey! I Found a Virus!"

So we created a little Scoundrel Simulator program. You can use this program to safely see some of the changes commonly made by malicious programs (like changing your browser's home page and making it hard to change it back.) More Info Here!

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