Security Zones
Following some of the annoucements of the latest security holes in Internet Explorer, Microsoft has started recommending that anyone concerned about security (which really should be everybody) set the security settings in your browser to be High.

Part of these instructions are for adding any sites you do trust to the "Trusted" security zone so they'll still work. In Microsoft's directions and without help, this is a very manual process. It requires you to copy an address, open a window several clicks deep in Internet Explorer's options, and paste in the address. A real pain, especially if there are a number of sites you do trust.

Security Zone Changer
We've created a much better free tool for you to do this.
Geek Superhero Security Zone Changer

This is a simple button to add to your Internet Explorer toolbar, just click it and you can move the site you're visiting into the Trusted sites, or any of the other security zones.

Download it now! (version 1.0; 193KB installer, FREE!)

Just download and run that installer. Then close and re-open Internet Explorer. If it doesn't automatically show up as a toolbar button, just Right click your Internet Explorer toolbar and pick "Customize". Then scroll down the left side until you see Security Zone Changer, click it, then click the Add button.

You will also need to do Step 1: Set Your Browser Security to High from the Microsoft page.

Once it is working, you probably want to visit a few websites to add them to your Trusted list:, and your virus scanner's website too.

If you ever decide you don't want it, it can be removed using the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. It's listed as "Security Zone Changer."

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