Click any link below to download Geek Superhero (version 1.3a).
(2.3MB for Windows XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98, 95. Changes)

NEW! Now featuring Phishing protections!

Upgrading? Just install the new version into the same folder, over the version you have now. That way all your settings will be saved!

Translated versions of Geek Superhero are available! German so far!

Geek Superhero contains No Adware, No Spyware and No Bundled Extras!
(It wouldn't much of a 'Superhero' if it had spyware bundled with it. Read a statement from the programmer about this.)

What's in a Name?
Geek Superhero has a very "comic book" look with a superhero character in its graphics and logos, as well as the very name Geek Superhero. Some people, especially in a work environment, don't want something so whimsical protecting their computer and have asked for something more suitable and businesslike.

So we've created Desktop Armor. It has exactly the same functions as Geek Superhero, just without all the comic book look and a new name. They are so identical, if (when) you purchase one, the registration code you get will work in either Geek Superhero or Desktop Armor.

See It In Action
Geek Superhero is a program that's harder to see in action. With a download manager (like GetRight) you can download a file and see it work. Geek Superhero is more like a virus scanner--where it's hard to really see it work until the virus scanner pops up and says "Hey! I Found a Virus!"

So we created a little Scoundrel Simulator program. You can use this program to safely see some of the changes commonly made by malicious programs (like changing your browser's home page and making it hard to change it back.) More Info Here!

Security Zone Changer

Security Zone Changer: Another nice little (free!) tool we did to help you improve your browser security. It lets you follow some recent Microsoft recommendations much less painfully.

What Do You Think?
Geek Superhero is still pretty new, and we're always looking for feedback. Let us know what you think!
Do you like it? Hate it? Have a suggestion or find a bug? Have something else you'd like it to protect? Send Email!

Headlight Software's Products
Our best-known software! GetRight is the premiere Download Manager and has been on the market for over six years. New features and improvements keep it as competitive (and necessary) today as it was when it was introduced.
Winner of many awards including C|Net's Download Manager Comparisons for 2001, 2002, and 2003; and the Shareware Industry People's Choice Award in 1998 and 1999; among many others.
Lightning Download
GetRight's "little brother," Lightning Download doesn't have all the advanced features of GetRight, but instead just focuses on speed! And it still has pretty much all the features most people would ever want.
Winner of PC Magazine Editor's Choice and Best Utilities of the Year in 2003.
File Mirrors
Described as 'the Google of File Searching' is a great resource for downloaders. If you are looking for software updates, game demos, or just about anything else, you can probably find it here! Seamlessly integrates with both GetRight and Lightning Download.

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